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Smart Cities

Future Cities – Food Security, Land Management and Sustainability


Rapid digitalisation is disrupting business operations, altering industry structures and changing the rules of the game globally. It’s important for nations to be adaptable and ready to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.


Singapore’s smart city policies, pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure and connectivity to major Asian economies, as well as availability of investment and well-developed technology, makes it the ideal place to learn about the key concepts of Smart Cities.


Drawing heavily on the ‘Urban Systems Studies’, a ground-breaking assessment of Singapore’s urban development story, the series examines the interaction and integration of the policies, institutions and legislation that brought a vision to life.


A Smart City is a liveable city. The key topics covered in our programme include:

  •  Food and Water Security

  •  Heritage Conservation

  •  Land Management and Pollution

  •  Sustainable Growth


The programme includes in-class lectures and discussions by trained Geographers and Urban Planners and is complemented by field trips to key locations such as ‘Gardens by The Bay, NEWater Treatment Plant, Chinatown, Urban Development Authority, Pinnacle Duxton HDB’

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