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Core Communication Skills Camp

All of the communication elements in our leadership and public speaking programmes area development of the world renowned London Trinity College’s ‘Certi cate in CommunicationSkills’.

“Trinity College London Communication Skills exams present candidates with practical,creative tasks that re ect real-world situations, enabling them to develop invaluable 21stcentury skills and make real progress in life.” – Trinity College website.

It is not uncommon to see previous students of ours carry on with the Trinity College programme when they return to their respective home countries, to then go on to take the exam with one of the many Trinity College exam centres, which are now present in over60 countries. Two key features of the Trinity College communications certi cate, to developa range of transferable communication skills, including problem-solving, creativity, team working and organisational skills, that will have a positive impact in both education andthe workplace. The course features practical tasks that re ect real-world situations such aspreparing and delivering CVs for interview, stories for broadcast, and presentations that debate current issues.

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