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About Us

Mountbatten ESL specialises in residential English language programmes based in the UK and Singapore. Our programmes are anything but ordinary, we realised a long time ago the benefits of creating a multidisciplinary learning environment - bringing seemingly different elements together to reinforce and support each other. We combine the traditional humanities such as history, geography, environmental studies and politics with English language public speaking workshops, debate and presentation training to develop our students' ability to acquire and communicate essential knowledge.


Our approach unlocks the confidence and self esteem of young people and empowers them to be bold leaders and decision makers. We understand that these qualities lend themselves perfectly to learning a language and therefore decided to combine the two. We know just as much can be learnt outside the classroom as within it.


Synergy is the primary force behind multidisciplinary learning. The benefits of a multidisciplinary teaching method are both significant and well documented, including but not limited to:


  • Improving critical thinking

  • Developing their cognitive abilities

  • Promoting significant learning

  • Promoting a holistic understanding of the world


Our Programmes

Putting our ‘complementary learning environments’ theory into practice has been a little challenging but we know great things come out of challenges. Combining seemingly different elements into a proven and effective, one of a kind, syllabus is something Mountbatten ESL are incredibly proud of. Just to be clear, all of our English language programmes have elements of outdoor education woven into them. Here is a summary of what we can offer:


Public Speaking - We cover the different formats of public speaking; persuade, inform, and entertain. We look into the effective use of emotive language, the role of visual aids, and the correct use of body language. All this culminates in the students focusing their efforts into a speech competition which takes place on the final evening of the camp. This is a great chance to collect all their experiences from the camp and showcase everything they have learnt. To be clear, all our language programmes contain elements of outdoor education.


Leaders of Tomorrow - Our leadership programme is split 50/50 inside and outside the classroom. The traits of effective leaders are broken down into manageable portions and are then put in to practical use through carefully designed leadership tasks. We also employ a ‘daily leader’ principal whereby each day a student is effectively given the reigns of their group.

Environmental Awareness - Through thought provoking exercises and guided excursions we want our students to deepen their understanding of their responsibility towards the environment and the human family, learn to turn knowledge into action and become leaders who wish to promote change within their communities and the world.


Local History - We know language, culture, and history are all delicately intertwined. Having an understanding of one of these elements invariably helps you understand the other.

Example two week programme based in London

Example pro ldn.png



Key features

• Daily language classes, 3 hours per day on average 

• Qualified Native English teachers

• Engaging and high-quality curriculum

• Comfortable and secure group accommodation

• Culturally immersive outings 

• Evening activities 

When do our camps run?

We operate all year around.

Where are our camps based?

We operate in both the UK and Singapore.

Connecting Learning
with Adventure

 Mountbatten ESL camps are a truly unique experience, we mix our skills in outdoor education with English lessons to create a fun and exciting learning environment. Our camps include: daily English lessons (Public speaking and leadership, being our most popular) led by highly qualified native English teachers; sight-seeing trips to amazing locations such as Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton and central London, as well as select parts of Singapore; and of course, that which makes Mountbatten ESL stand out from the crowd, our outdoor adventure sessions! Outdoor practitioners will lead an afternoon programme which will include; kayaking, rock climbing, archery, bushcraft, hiking and much more. This is the perfect opportunity for students to develop their English and build their self-confidence through overcoming outdoor adventure leadership and team work challenges.


Becoming a partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Mountbatten ESL please get in contact for more details. Put simply, we offer a very high level of service so you can be assured that your clients will have the best possible experience on one of our programmes.

​We are always looking to develop new partnerships and welcome enquiries from agents and education providers worldwide. We offer a highly competitive commission structure, flexible payment arrangements and options for closed or mixed groups.

Become a Partner

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